Our story is pretty simple.  I was raised around labs most of my life.  They are a happy, friendly dog and always so glad to
see anyone.  So when our elderly rescue dogs died, we talked about what kind of dog to get.  For me, there was no
second thought, A Lab.   

Our story started with Abbey, who was an amazing dog.  She loved being everyone's favorite dog and made each of us
feel we were her favorite person.  After breeding Abbey once, we fell in love with the entire process, the breeding, working
with the families to make their dreams come true and of course, loving the puppies.

We started adding one dog here and one dog there until we got to the 4 girls we currently have.  They are a part of our
family and when looking at houses, it was more important that they have room to run then us to live.  I guess you would call
us "Hobby breeders".  We now have 2nd and 3rd generation girls from our original ladies.

Time has gone on and changes are inevitable.  We lost Abbey in the Spring of 2014, Sarah, Cookie and Reba have  
retired.  We now have Cinder, and the kids (Kacy, Carmel and Cedar).  You can see the girls on their page.  Cinder and
Tia have puppies either started or finished through Tackett Service Dogs and/or the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation.  
Lilly, from Abbey's grandchild, Tia, is also a medical alert dog and doing awesome with her Mom.

We have dogs providing necessary companionship to service members and children.  If you go on the site for Patriotic
Service Dog Foundation website and see a Fox Red Lab, it's from us.  We also have puppies training to be a cadaver
dog and some are talented hunters.  We also have many, many families who are enjoying their furry family members  and
have returned to us for another puppy.  We have dogs as far away as Malaysia and Guatemala.  We don't care much for
the shipping process.  We really encourage a family member to come get them.

Our dogs are a part of our family.  They are indoor and outdoor dogs.  They love their new acreage.  They have so much
room to run and chase their toys They all have manners and basic obedience training, most of the time.  We also have 5
children and 13 wonderful Grandchildren.  

We lived in the Tehachapi Mountains in Central California for 18 years. Recently we transferred to the Seattle Washington
area to be closer to some of our family.  Our family are all moving out of California.  We will continue to transport our
puppies to Patriotic Service Dog Foundation, in Orange County California and can arrange to meet anyone along the trip
to bring your puppy to you.

We have extended our family with puppy owners and keep in touch with so many and really enjoy the stories of what the
puppies are doing as they grow up.  We have several of the pictures sent to us on the Photo Gallery pages.

Please feel free to call us for information on upcoming litters and when we might be coming down to Southern California.
Who can resist these cute little
pudgie, sweet, polar bear puppies?   
Aren't they adorable?
McCain's Eaglesnest Labradors
Got Milk?  He was an active little
eater and we bottle fed. We called
him Pee Wee   See him as Guinness
in the photo album
For more information
about our current litters
or to be placed on
one of our waiting lists,
you can email us at
or you can call us at
Sandy's cell phone  

Thank you for visiting our
Leroy and Sandy
PLEASE READ!!  All of our puppies come with their 1st worming and 1st shots before they go home.  We offer a Healthy Puppy Guarantee.  
You take the puppy to the vet within 10 days of going home with you and if there is a health concern, written by your vet, we will gladly take
the puppy back and give you a full refund or to be placed on the waiting list for the next litter.  

WAITING LIST...We are changing how we do our waiting list.  You can get on our list for which ever dog you are interested in getting a
puppy from.  We will go by the list for the first 48 hours, then after, whoever contacts us will get to start picking.  This is why....we have found
that those on the list that really want one of our puppies, keeps in contact and watches the website for changes and gets a puppy.  When
the puppies are born there will be so many spots for the girls and the boys.  No more waiting for people who have found a puppy elsewhere
or are slow to respond.  Eaglesnestlabs always reserves the right to pick of litter.
These are pictures of Lucy with the ball and playing keep away.  She ran and ran and ran for about 10
minutes not letting anyone get the ball.  They were worn out after that.  She has never done that before, or
since.  Must have been the snow.
We have retired.  Thank you to everyone who been a part
of this journey.  We have been Blessed by all of you.
These aren't our
dogs but thought
they were cute
lab pictures.  We
could do the
ghosts picture
but they would be
different color
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